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Always Swim at Night

Zachary Schomburg's The Man Suit is available from Black Ocean Press. He lives in Portland, OR.

Mathias Svalina's Why I am White is available from Kitchen Press. Creation Myths is available from New Michigan Press and When We Broke the Microscope (with Julia Cohen) is forthcoming from Small Fires Press. His first book, Destruction Myths, is forthcoming from Cleveland State University's Poetry Series. He lives in Brooklyn.

Joshua Marie Wilkinson's The Book of Whispering in the Projection Booth is avaiable from Tupelo Press; and 12x12: Conversations in Poetry & Poetics (Co-edited with Christina Mengert) is available from University of Iowa Press. He lives in Chicago & Athens, GA.

Julie Doxsee's Undersleep & The Knife-Grasses are available from Octopus Books. Black Ocean Press will publish her second book soon. She lives in Istanbul.

Nathan Bartel lives somewhere in Kansas.

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